Low Back Pain and Diastasis Recti

Low Back Pain and Diastasis Recti August 7, 2019

Low Back Pain and Diastasis Recti

Low back pain is one of the hallmark symptoms of diastasis recti. When the abdominal muscles separate, we lose support in the front and center of the body. In addition to compromising the physical structure of our core, diastasis recti negatively impacts posture and shifts chronic muscle recruitment into a compensation pattern. This heightens stress and strain on the back muscles, which tend to become overly tight along with the hamstrings. 

Eliminate back pain in less than a week

When new clients present with back pain, this is the fastest symptom to resolve.  Within 3-4 days of beginning Core Compressions™, they experience dramatic improvements in back pain, often eliminating it entirely in less than a week. Back pain caused by muscle imbalance and chronic tension resolves very quickly as the body learns new movement and muscle recruitment patterns. Not only are the tissues becoming stronger, but the body is internalizing healthier ways to move, rest and distribute the workload of daily life. 

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Core Compressions in tabletop position are particularly therapeutic. To perform these, lower yourself onto hands and knees. If you have any wrist discomfort or carpal tunnel syndrome, place the hands in fists with the palms facing each other. Prior to starting the exercise, take a few full, diaphragmatic breaths. Allow the torso to expand and the belly to drop as you take each breath; exhale as you draw the belly all the way up into the spine while keeping the back flat. This allows the back muscles to gently release while keeping the back in neutral alignment. Be sure to relax the shoulders and lift your eyes to gently direct your gaze a few feet in front of you. 

Then begin a 1-2 minute set of 2-tier Core Compressions. Rest, and repeat for 5 sets. For detailed video coaching in the subtleties of performing 2-Tier Core Compressions, including when and how to incorporate the breath and the pelvic floor, we provide these in the Foundations library at Every Mother. Feel free to explore additional body positions in our Core library to discover which ones feel the best for you and your body – then emphasize those positions. To remove the guesswork for you, we also offer tailored regimens with daily exercise prescriptions that promote functional core strength and back health for every stage.

In addition to Core Compressions, which on their own can eliminate back pain within days, our full body workouts incorporate a variety of back mobility exercises, global strengthening exercises, and gentle stretches to restore muscle balance and promote healthy posture. With the right exercise, you can reconnect with your core and free yourself from back pain. It takes only minutes a day, and the return in quality of life and health is abundantly worth it.

By Leah Keller, Creator of the EMbody Program. Learn more about Leah here.