A Year in the Life of Mothers

February 16, 2022

This last year has been like no other. Everything changed: home, work, our access to family and friends, our relationship to our health, and our global community. Households transformed into hybrid school-office-gyms and so much more. And when our in-person support turned virtual, we adapted and tapped into our inner strength as women and mothers. It was unbelievably challenging, and we, moms, deserve to be celebrated.

Mother's Day is on the horizon, but unlike last year, this one is filled with hope and optimism. In honor of mothers everywhere and all we have accomplished and overcome in the last year, we connected with our community to look back on a "year in the life." Keep reading to find out what kept them sane, the advice they would give to fellow mothers, practices that supported their mental and physical wellbeing, what they missed most, and what they look forward to in the future.

“Start the day by yourself. Wake up at least 30 minutes before everyone else. And take some time to exercise, breathe, and shower with no other input.”  - Advice from a Member

How did you keep sane during the pandemic? What advice would you give to fellow moms?

Knowing that the time together as a family was a rare gift we would never have had otherwise.” 
“By going to bed earlier, when I could.”
“[With] coffee from my favorite cafe. They did delivery and takeout. It was the one normal thing I had in my life.” 
“Let stuff go whenever possible & insist on time for you to do nothing by yourself.”
“Quality vs. quantity. When it comes to activities with your kiddos, I do not believe you need to entertain the littles all day. I love having them pick activities they want to do with me, and we pick what fits into that day and really spend the time. But I cannot spend all day playing games. I want them to see mom has responsibilities, and I need to have my workout time. It has allowed balance, so I don’t go crazy.”
“You need good support. Not just spouses. Find a friend who can text any time of the day/night.”
“Start the day by yourself. Wake up at least 30 minutes before everyone else. And take some time to exercise, breathe, and shower with no other input.” 

How did you take care of yourself during the pandemic?

I carved out time in the day to be alone. Very weird for an extrovert.” 
“Meditation, exercise, going outside and focusing on special moments with family.”
“Working out with Every Mother. There were days I thought I couldn’t make the time, until I read somewhere that you have to take it.”
“By prioritizing things that bugged me but I’d never get to. No time like when you have no plans.”
“Forced myself to get outside, even if it was cold or gloomy. Cabin fever is real.”
“I had my last baby in May of 2020. At first, I allowed myself to hold the baby through naps without guilt; I needed the snuggle time as much as he did. Now he likes his space when he sleeps, so I use that nap time as workout time. I get my Core Compressions in, the extra workout, and on recovery days, I take a spin class and stretch! It just feels good to do me.”
“Therapy via tele-health for PPD”

What did you miss most over the last year?

“Seeing friends, family, and travel.”
“Human connection.”
“Being able to share my baby with friends and family.”
“The little things, smiling at strangers, hugging my family and friends, meeting fellow moms IRL.” 
"Being able to treat myself and others; getting our nails done, going to the movies, going out for coffee or a cocktail. I miss it desperately."

What have you been most grateful for over the last year?

“Being with my daughter more than I would have.” 
“My health.”
“Having a virtual support system through the EM Village, honestly it’s been a game changer.” 
“My husband, and my 1st baby, born 7 weeks ago.”
“ My partner working from home, being around more, and growing closer to our daughter”

What are you looking forward to? 

“Reconnecting with my community.”
“A time when I can be surrounded by my family and see the joy on their faces”
“Honestly, watching my three boys get back to sports and normalcy. As a military family, we are beyond ready to get together with ALL of our family. Most of them have not met our 10-month-old, and the older two boys (4 & 6) are begging to see their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins!”
“Being outside and splashing in the pool with my babies. Watching them grow up and being body healthy to chase them around.”
“Feeling like myself again. Being a mom is an incredible gift, but it can be hard to remember to put me first. I'm ready to make that happen.”

It’s been over a year now since the initial shelter-in-place orders were announced; there’s no doubt it’s been a year of challenges and hardship, but also one of learning, patience, love, and support. Over the last year, we've been in awe of our community and their willingness to show up; through live workouts, conversations in the Village, by sharing their journeys on social media, and much more. We are women supporting women, mothers supporting mothers, and people lifting one another up in these unprecedented times. After all, it takes a village to raise a mother. Happy Mother's Day to us all, from all of us here at Every Mother.

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