5 Mistakes & Daily Activities to Avoid to Heal Diastasis Recti

February 16, 2022
Activities to Avoid for Healing Diastasis Recti | Every Mother

Picture This:

You have diastasis recti. You've self-checked and found a clinically proven program to resolve it. You know you have the power inside of you to restore core strength & function and embrace your postpartum body like never before. BUT, your daily activities and movements hold you back, and you don’t even know it! Some are even exacerbating the condition, keeping you from healing your core and feeling like your most empowered self. 

*Scary Right?!* 

The truth is, any movement that bulges the abdominal wall forcefully forward can further separate the abdominal muscles, making an existing abdominal separation worse, and even inducing one in a previously healthy abdomen. So what mistakes and everyday activities should you avoid to heal diastasis recti? We've got 5.  

Common Mistakes that Prevent Diastasis Recti Healing

Mistake 1: Bulging Abs Forward When You Sneeze & Cough 

5 Mistakes and Daily Activities to Avoid to Heal Diastasis Recti. Every Mother

Any action that exerts forceful pressure on your abdominal muscles, causing them to bulge forward, can induce or re-open diastasis recti. Sneezing, coughing, blowing your nose, and even vomiting puts immense pressure on the connective tissue (the linea alba) that holds your abdominal muscles together, weakening core strength and function. Being aware of proper abdominal form, even during the slightest bodily functions, will help prevent further injury.  

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Mistake 2: Jackknifing When Getting Up and Down 

5 Mistakes and Daily Activities to Avoid to Heal Diastasis Recti. Every Mother

Whether you suffer from abdominal separation or not, it's essential to be mindful of your core with every exertion. Even with the most innocuous activities, including getting up and down from bed or picking things up off the ground can injure your abdominals. 

Jackknifing, also known as shooting straight up out of bed or lying straight back into bed, can profoundly stress your abdominal muscles and the midline connective tissue. This stress can worsen and induce diastasis recti, resulting in persistent back pain and other complications

For guided coaching on how to get up and down safely, visit our Foundations Library.

Mistake 3: Pushing a Stroller with Forward Flexion 

5 Mistakes and Daily Activities to Avoid to Heal Diastasis Recti. Every Mother

Taking a gentle walk with your baby is good for the mind and body. But the position in which you do so can put tremendous strain on your back and abdominal muscles. Bending over the stroller with a forward flexion is a no-no for those suffering from diastasis recti, and an important position to avoid even with a healthy core. So, stand straight, belly back, and get moving. 

For guided coaching on how to safely push a stroller, visit our Foundations Library.

Mistake 4: Rib Splaying When Stretching 

5 Mistakes and Daily Activities to Avoid to Heal Diastasis Recti. Every Mother

Stretching is an incredible way to wind down and reset after a long day, night, or any workout. Stretching keeps your muscles strong, healthy, and flexible and is an essential tool in diastasis recti recovery. However, when performed incorrectly, stretching can cause the ribs to splay, putting undue stress on the linea alba, injuring the core. Unlike traditional yoga and stretching, core-safe yoga and diastasis recti approved stretches protect the core and modify moves to decrease the range of unsafe motion to minimize the risk of injury. 

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Mistake 5: Core Straining Workouts

5 Mistakes and Daily Activities to Avoid to Heal Diastasis Recti. Every Mother

Many popular workouts in the fitness sphere claim to build core strength and stamina. But what they don't tell you is that they can also inflict collateral damage on the very tissue you may be trying to restore. Any movement, posture, or exertion that causes the ribs to thrust, abs to bulge forward, or puts a downward or bulging pressure on the pelvic floor can exacerbate or induce diastasis recti. Find out if your workout is causing diastasis recti and 5 exercise mistakes to avoid to heal diastasis recti to ensure your workouts are core-safe. 

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