Surpass: Maintain a Core Free of Diastasis Recti

February 16, 2022

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the EMbody Reclaim Path and have resolved your diastasis recti! No more persistent pooch, back pain, and incontinence. No more of the postpartum discomforts that lingered far after delivery. But what comes next? How do you maintain a core free of abdominal separation? How do you continue to make and meet fitness goals and feel healthy and empowered in your skin? 

The answer: EMbody Surpass.

Surpass helps our members safely transition from Reclaim to a challenging full-body fitness regimen without reinjury. Not only is Surpass the best workout to maintain a core free of diastasis recti, it is the best at-home workout for moms - period - helping you achieve measurable results in as little as 10-20 minutes a day. Here are 3 frequently asked questions and answers to show you why.

Why should you move onto Surpass following Reclaim? 

After restoring core strength and function through deep core engagement and breathing techniques that protect your abdominal muscles during exercise and day to day activities, the worst thing would be to return to practices that reinjure your core. The truth is, many common exercises and daily activities can cause diastasis recti. Our Surpass Path offers you the opportunity to build upon what you learned in Reclaim, and move onto efficient, challenging, and invigorating workouts with deep core engagement incorporated into every rep of every exercise.

Surpass also supports weight loss, mental health, better sleep, and prepares you for future pregnancy (should that be your plan). 

What makes Surpass different from Reclaim? 

Surpass offers high intensity, high energy, low impact workouts, and a greater variety of exercises that progressively increase in difficulty. Surpass educates and equips members to maximize the benefits of exercise while avoiding the collateral damage that many common exercises inflict on the core muscles and connective tissue.

What to expect:  

  • Continued coaching in Core Compressions
  • To sweat, sculpt, and tone with High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • To work every part of your body with core intensive, upper body, lower body, and full-body workouts 
  • To stretch and elongate with core-safe yoga and restorative workouts

What role do Core Compressions play in Surpass? 

Core Compressions are incorporated in a much lower volume in Surpass and are used to maintain core health and function instead of resolving it. Daily Core Compressions for most Surpass paths amount to 2 minutes a day. They are also incorporated into every workout to enhance the safety and performance of each exertion. 

Note: We recommend tying Core Compressions to an existing daily habit for those looking to do maintenance efficiently. For example, brushing your teeth with a 2-minute timed electric toothbrush is an excellent opportunity to squeeze in those daily CCs to ensure a lifetime of core health and function.

Surpass is the best at-home workout for moms because moms like you designed it! We get your time is precious, which is why Surpass offers scalable programming that is compatible with anyone who aspires to maintain a healthy, moderately active lifestyle. We want you to safely achieve - and even surpass - ambitious fitness goals while maintaining a core free of abdominal separation. We hope to see you in the #Surpass channel in the Village - you’ve got this! 

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