Surpass: The Best At-Home Workout for Moms

February 16, 2022

Every Mother’s research-based, full-body workout program is designed by mothers for mothers. 

Finding a workout plan that meets your needs as a mother can be challenging. Childbirth - both vaginal and cesarean - is hard on the body and can impact, among many things, your core and pelvic floor.

Motherhood can make prioritizing self-care seem impossible and leave you feeling out of shape and uncomfortable in your body. And while exercise is a powerful tool to restore and improve health, function, strength, and performance, it can also injure your body, hinder recovery, and stop you from meeting your goals.

So when seeking out an at-home workout program, it’s best to choose one that is designed with you in mind. Surpass is designed to include the best at-home workouts for moms.

Here are 3 frequently asked questions and answers to show you why EMbody Surpass is the best at-home workout program for moms. 

Who is EMbody Surpass for?

Our EMbody Surpass Path is for anyone looking to improve core strength and overall fitness. This includes postpartum women who do not suffer from clinical diastasis recti, women trying to conceive, and anyone who aspires to improve their daily life through fitness. 

Note: Surpass is not for expectant mothers or women with abdominal separation greater than an inch wide (~ 2 fingers). If you are pregnant, we recommend our OB-endorsed, trimester-specific Prepare Path. If you suspect you have abdominal separation, first self-check for diastasis recti at home, then join our clinically proven Reclaim Path

What makes Surpass the best at-home workout for moms?

Our EMbody Surpass Path offers challenging high-intensity, high-energy workouts without the high impact*. Our workouts are efficient and targeted, supporting long-term core health and overall fitness in as little as 10-20 minutes a day. The program was designed by mothers, for mothers, which is why it’s scalable and compatible for anyone who aspires to a healthy, moderately active lifestyle - especially if you are crunched for time.

Surpass also supports weight loss, mental health, better sleep, and prepares you for future pregnancy (if that is in the cards).

*Is your high-impact workout causing diastasis recti? Find out.  

What type of at-home exercises are included in the program? 

Our EMbody Surpass Path includes:

  • Detailed coaching in our foundational exercise, Core Compressions - Every Mother's trademarked movement that activates your transverse abdominis muscle, also known as your natural corset. Learn more, below.
  • High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Cardio Strength 
  • Targeted Core Intensive, Upper Body, Lower Body, and Full-Body workouts 
  • Core-safe Yoga 

Note: Daily Core Compressions are incorporated in a much lower volume in Surpass - amounting to 2 minutes per day for most. They are used to maintain diastasis recti resolution and nurture core health, unlike the Core Compression sequences in Reclaim, which provide targeted therapeutic intervention that heals diastasis recti.

More on Core Compressions: Core Compressions are clinically proven to strengthen and restore the abdominal wall through proper engagement of deep core muscles (think the transverse abdominis, pelvic floor, and diaphragm). These revolutionary exercises decrease intra-abdominal pressure and effectively reinforce the contractile strength and elasticity of both the muscles and the connective tissue.


Every Mother’s EMbody Surpass Path is the best at-home workout for moms. Our intuitive app, 100+ full-body workouts, prescriptive daily workouts, and private community of mothers sharing their journey make maintaining your fitness goals easy. Learn more about Every Mother and our fitness programming here

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