Allison Rapaport


Allison’s first experience with Every Mother was as one of Leah’s private clients during her first pregnancy. Leah’s training allowed Allison to have an amazing pregnancy and she was astounded with the ease of her postpartum recovery, especially relative to many friends that were also becoming new mothers.

It was then that she knew two things for sure: first, that she wanted to make Leah’s way of working out the center of her own personal fitness lifestyle going forward and, second, that mothers everywhere deserved the chance to find their power through motherhood the way she did with the help of the EMbody program. Fast forward a few years, and Allison and Leah joined forces to bring Leah’s proven program to every mother across the globe. Allison has over ten years of experience in finance, strategy and entrepreneurship. She holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and has three young daughters.

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