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diastasis recti program
EM Body prepare

Prepare is a safe and OB-endorsed fitness program with trimester-specific regimens to help you feel your best during pregnancy. Prepare will help you avoid common pregnancy discomforts, such as low back pain and urinary incontinence, as you safely build strength and stamina for birth.

diastasis recti program
EM Body reclaim

Reclaim is scientifically proven to resolve diastasis recti. Reclaim Early Postpartum eases mothers into recovery during the first six weeks postpartum.

diastasis recti program
EM Body surpass

Surpass provides you with the tools to make the Embody program a lifestyle choice and maintain a core free of diastasis recti. Surpass has a variety of programming options and can be used as a comprehensive standalone program or incorporated into a fitness regimen.

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FEATURES Your Subscription Includes
An Intuitive App A clean, intuitive, inspiring and beautiful native app experience available for iOS and Android
Customized Programming Multiple Guided Paths to fit your stage, fitness level and lifestyle to help you achieve measurable results in 10-30 minutes a day
Daily Prescriptions Curated lists of videos to complete are provided each day and automatically “checked-off” when completed to help you track and be proud of your progress.
100+ Workouts Access to over 100 full body workouts, packing full body conditioning with a core focus into an average of 20 minutes, growing monthly, spread equally across 3 stages of motherhood
Foundational Library Expert guidance in and tips related to our core foundational techniques accompanied by a library of routines
Peer Support Access to a private community of mothers sharing their journey and participating in regular guided challenges alongside you
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Real Women Success Stories
Rebecca before
Rebecca after

"5 Kiddos, over 16 years of mommying, and here we are. Finally took control of my body again. Excited for more results and to continue to repair my diastasis recti."

Name Rebecca
Lizzie before
Lizzie after

"Officially fell into “healthy” on the chart and lost 2 inches. Here are my before and after pictures, but appearance has not been the biggest benefit for me. I am so much stronger and therefore more energetic with a properly functioning core. Thank you so much, Every Mother!"

Name Lizzie
Vanessa before
Vanessa after

"Thank you for starting me in my journey and giving me the tools and instruction to surpass my goals."

Name Vanessa
Sarah before
Sarah after

"I went from 164 to 144 lbs so I lost 20 pounds. I also went from a size 10 to a 4/6. Here's the kicker....I weigh less than I did before I was pregnant!"

Name Sarah
Anajah before
Anajah after

"I finally completed the 28 day challenge and I lost 1 inch around my waist and 3 inches around my abs. So excited to continue seeing progress!"

Name Anajah
Heather before
Heather after

"I usually don't (aka NEVER) show my postpartum twin belly, but the progress I've made in just 9 DAYS from doing Core Compressions has amazed me. SO thankful I've found this program."

Name Heather
Melissa Anne before
Melissa Anne after

"I did my Core Compressions and workouts my entire pregnancy. I am 13 days from baby 2 with no separation, almost in my regular pants and 3 lbs away from my pre pregnancy weight. Night and day from my first pregnancy recovery. Thank you."

Name Melissa Anne
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