The program clinically proven to resolve diastasis recti

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Every Mother creates a personalized daily exercise regimen tailored to address your unique core and pelvic floor needs at any life stage, whether you need help with one or multiple symptoms.

Diastasis recti

The program clinically proven to resolve diastasis recti, while reducing the risk of pelvic floor dysfunction.
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Diastasis recti


Safe and OB-endorsed exercise programming for moms-to-be to help prepare the core and pelvic floor for birth.
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Therapeutic exercises that ease women into recovery after childbirth and strengthen the core and pelvic floor.
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Pelvic floor muscle training guided by pelvic PTs to help reduce symptoms while improving strength, function in the core and pelvic floor.
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Clinically proven exercises to restore healthy muscle balance and improve bladder control.
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Surgical recovery

Safe therapeutic core exercises that help gently heal, recover and regain strength after C-sections and other surgeries.
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Surgical recovery

Pelvic pain

Customized exercise programming to relieve pelvic pain related to excessive muscle tension.
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Pelvic pain

Sexual health

Therapeutic workouts to improve intimate wellbeing by resolving pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms like pain and reduced sensation.
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Sexual health

The program clinically proven to resolve diastasis recti

In 2013, a leading NYC OB learned of Leah Keller’s work through her patients and suggested collaborating on a study. Since then, her method, i.e. the Every Mother method has been studied and profiled by leading institutions like Weill Cornell, HSS and NPR. The studies confirmed the program’s effectiveness and have been published in medical and physical therapy journals.
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Illustration of abdominal muscles showing the effects of diastasis recti.
Photo of Every Mother co-founders, Allison Rapaport and Leah Keller.

Our story

Founded in 2018, Every Mother was created with one bold mission: To educate women on their core and the pelvic floor – a set of invisible muscles that are at the core of everything we do. Making this care accessible to every woman as she navigates the changes in her body is what we work towards every day.

By mothers, for mothers

We know mothers lead busy lives. We walk in those shoes every day. So, we built our program with that in mind. Our daily regimens integrate exercise-based physical therapy within workouts so all your exercise needs are taken care of in under 30 minutes.
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What they are saying

"I love that Every Mother supports me through every stage of pregnancy and postpartum and does so in a way that I feel safe and know that I am not putting myself at risk of further injuring my abdominals.  My physical therapist witnessed my strength during pregnancy after combining PT with Every Mother and told me she now recommends Every Mother to all of her pregnant clients."
Every Mother Member
"This is the first program to specifically address the concerns of many of my patients. [It] helps women safely strengthen and prepare their bodies to labor and give birth, and then regain pelvic floor strength, abdominal tone and healthy back function after birth. Plus, the program is easy to do in short intervals at home for busy moms."
Michelle Chiafulio, CM, MS
Certified Midwife
"I was looking for a scalable, efficient exercise program that was safe for my body. After a month of exercise my low back pain had improved drastically and I also noticed everything was firming up nicely!"
Every Mother Member
"The app has made it so easy to follow a program and remain accountable. It may sound silly, but completing the day's worth of check marks is so satisfying!"
Every Mother Member
“Exercise during pregnancy can enhance an expectant mother's mental and physical well being. Leah's method safely addresses the postural changes and muscle imbalances of pregnancy while developing strong core muscles to facilitate a smooth delivery and recovery.”
Geeta Sharma, MD
Mount Sinai Hospital

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