The Dia Method is now Every Mother


You are a mother. A woman. A life force. You discover your own power and boundless strength when you bring life into this world. Motherhood pushes the body to incredible new limits. And with all the wonder and excitement, it can be challenging to find time to strengthen and adapt to your new body. To feel good in it again. And even, embrace it like never before. The good news: you dont need to look far. You already have the strength you need inside of you. You demonstrate it everyday. Every Mother unlocks a scientifically proven method to strengthen the body during pregnancy and rebuild it after birth, regardless of how long it has been since you became a mother. We're a knowledge circle, a community, and a celebration of the mother you've become, and the woman you've been all along.



Every Mother is designed for women at all stages of motherhood, from those first moments of pregnancy to decades after giving birth. We offer an evidence-based pre and postnatal fitness exercise program (previously known as The Dia Method) proven to prevent and resolve diastasis recti and improve core strength and function while building total body fitness through safe, effective workouts. Diastasis recti is an abdominal separation that occurs in a majority of childbearing women and results in a protruding stomach and functional issues such as back pain and incontinence. The results of our scientifically proven method are extraordinary, and the workouts are scalable to fit into a mother’s life. But, there’s more. After developing this method, Leah Keller realized it had grown into something much bigger. An organic community blossomed and evolved into a holistic forum for mothers of all ages and stages. Those who had just found out they were pregnant, others who had recently given birth, and others still who had kids leaving for college. “We quickly realized this wasn’t just about fitness, though that was at the heart of our offering”, said Leah, “These women made a deeper connection. They were finding comfort and support as well as answers to the physical changes they were experiencing. This was about and for Every Mother.” The program embodies what Every Mother needs: education, a space to share, and the tools to care for and love her body through pregnancy and many years beyond that.


How It Works

Through proper engagement and coordination of deep core muscles (including the transverse abdominis, pelvic floor, and diaphragm, among others) the exercises that form the foundation of our EMbody programs are proven to strengthen and restore the abdominal wall. These revolutionary exercises decrease intra-abdominal pressure and effectively reinforce the contractile strength and elasticity of both the muscles and the connective tissue. When performed consistently, our exercises resolve diastasis recti (abdominal separation), decrease back pain and urinary stress incontinence, improve pelvic floor health and function, and promote optimal core strength. These exercises are at the core of every workout we provide.



Every Mother (formerly known as The Dia Method) grew out of Leah Keller’s private training practice in New York City, where she had established an impressive track record coaching fitness clients to prevent, treat and fully resolve diastasis recti (a common post-pregnancy condition in which the abdominal muscles separate). In 2013, an OB at Weill Cornell learned of her work and suggested collaborating on a study. Leah’s approach is revolutionary because most common core exercises, such as crunches and bicycle crunches, strengthen the muscles at the expense of the connective tissue, actually worsening the condition rather than improving it. When the research team took a closer look, they realized Every Mother™ was onto something. Out of 63 subjects who participated in the workout program, 100 percent (!) fully closed the gap in under 12 weeks. They also reported lower incidence of back pain and improved urinary continence, no matter how long ago they had given birth. The results were published in a 2014 issue of the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. “[These workouts] provide tremendous, measurable results, including improved core strength and function, and inches off the waist,” says Leah. A recent investigative piece by npr related to using the EMbody method to resolve diastasis recti also revealed great results for those involved, and became npr’s 4th most popular story of 2017. Not only is the effectiveness of the EMbody program proven, but the need for it is vast.*

*Results may vary and cannot be guaranteed.

The Dr. is in Medical Testimonials

"I am a reflexologist who is specialized in reproductive health for the past twenty years in New York City. I often recommend the [Every Mother EMbody Program] to my pregnant clients for diastasis recti and as postpartum support to reinforce the strength of the pelvic floor. Recently I recommended your method to one of my clients suffering from from debilitating back pain during the third trimester of her pregnancy. Four days after the birth of her baby she was rushed to the hospital for an MRI and diagnosed with a Sacral fracture. She was told by her doctors that it would take at least two months for her to be without pain. Upon seeing her, It was clear that she needed to reinforce her core and I recommended your method. Three weeks later, she not only could walk again without pain, with a tight tummy, she also looked fantastic."

Vera Krijn,  Reflexologist, ARCB,RAF,CRR,HFP

"This is the first program to specifically address the concerns of many of my patients. [It] helps women safely strengthen and prepare their bodies to labor and give birth, and then regain pelvic floor strength, abdominal tone and healthy back function after birth. Plus, the program is easy to do in short intervals at home for busy moms."

Michelle Chiafulio,  CM, MS, Certified Midwife

"I am an active mother of 2 children. I am an Exercise Physiologist, Group Fitness Instructor, Doula and Childbirth Educator. I found the EMbody program (when it was The Dia Method) and decided it was worth a try. I am so happy that I did.I was able to heal my diastasis recti and decrease my pelvic organ prolapse symptoms. I learned methods to help the women I work with as a Doula and Exercise Physiologist strengthen their core and pelvic floor safely. I continue to use the EMBody program because I enjoy the core strengthening and I can continue to challenge myself. I wish I had found this program sooner but it is great to know you can benefit from this program no matter how postpartum you are. It is such a valuable resource for prenatal and postpartum women and I recommend it to everyone."

Katie Heaslet,  ACSM-EP, CD-DONA, ICCE

"We tell all our patients that staying active throughout pregnancy is key to emotional well-being and physical health. You will enter birth with strength and confidence, facilitating an easier and more natural delivery. Leah’s program achieves all of the above and our patients love how quickly they look and feel like themselves again so soon after giving birth!"

George Mussalli, MD & Jaqueline Worth, MD,  Village Obstetrics, NYC

“Exercise during pregnancy can enhance an expectant mother's mental and physical well being. Leah's method safely addresses the postural changes and muscle imbalances of pregnancy while developing strong core muscles to facilitate a smooth delivery and recovery.”

Geeta Sharma,  MD, Weill Cornell Medical College

TEAM Who We Are
Leah Keller FOUNDER

Leah is a certified personal trainer and the creator of our EMbody Program (formerly The Dia Method), a prenatal and postnatal fitness system endorsed by medical and birth professionals worldwide. With over two decades of fitness experience, Leah empowers and equips women to exercise safely during pregnancy, labor with confidence, and restore core strength and total body fitness after birth – no matter how long it’s been. The EMbody Program grew out of her private training practice in New York City, and it earned unparalleled medical validation when researchers at Weill Cornell Medical School collaborated with Leah to conduct a pilot study with 63 women, all of whom achieved full resolution of diastasis recti in less than 12 weeks. Leah is now collaborating with researchers at Hospital for Special Surgeries, Weill Cornell, and Harvard Medical School to conduct a randomized, controlled clinical trial to gather additional data on the health benefits of our EMbody core strengthening program.

Leah holds an MA in English and a BA in Psychology, and she has been featured as a women’s health expert by major media outlets, including NPR and Good Morning America. She has a young daughter and a baby boy.

Allison Rapaport CEO

Allison’s first experience with Every Mother was as one of Leah’s private clients. Allison had an amazing pregnancy while training and was astounded with the ease of her postpartum recovery, especially relative to many friends that were also becoming new mothers. Within 6 weeks of having her first daughter, Allison had no diastasis to speak of, was in her pre pregnancy clothes and felt strong and ready to tackle motherhood. It was then that she knew 2 things for sure: 1) she wanted to make Leah’s way of working out the center of her own personal fitness lifestyle going forward and 2) mothers everywhere deserved the chance to find their power through motherhood the way she did with the help of the EMbody Program. Fast forward a few years, and Allison and Leah joined forces to accomplish number 2 and bring Leah’s proven program to every mother across the globe.

Allison has 10+ years of experience in finance, strategy and entrepreneurship. She holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and has two young daughters.


Carly discovered the EMbody Program years after having her children. During her postpartum period, she struggled and felt lost in her own body. After spending time with Leah, and further learning about the mechanics of the body, Carly promptly became devoted to the program. She now feels stronger and healthier than ever before.

Carly also quickly realized the importance of this knowledge in empowering other women in their journey through motherhood so that they would not struggle as she did. Carly is honored to be in community with the amazing women of the Every Mother™ circle. She has a M.A. degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, over 10 years of experience in the field and two daughters.