The Dia Method is now Every Mother
Calling all Michigan Mothers! We will be hosting FREE workshops at 3 different Athleta Michigan locations the weekend of August 17th. Learn more here!

Researchers at Hospital for Special Surgery, Harvard Medical School and Weill Cornell are collaborating with Every Mother founder Leah Keller to conduct a randomized controlled trial to study the impact of specific core exercises on abdominal muscle strength and function.

Participants will complete 12 weeks of guided core-strengthening exercises targeted for postpartum women. Instruction will be delivered through online videos and a mobile app. Please note that you may have to wait for 12  weeks after enrolling in the study before starting the exercise program.

To participate, you must:

  • Be 12 weeks to 3 years postpartum
  • Agree to participate in a 12-24 week exercise program
  • Attend 3 visits to Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC for testing via ultrasound

Participants will receive:

  • 12 weeks of guidance in core-strengthening exercises
  • $30 for the second visit to HSS
  • $40 for the third visit to HSS

If you are interested in participating and you meet the requirements specified above, please call 212.606.1149 or email