Diastasis Recti FAQ

  • How can I change stages?

    As an active member, you can switch between the EMbody stages at any time. Just click the "Change Stage" link at the upper right of the website or app. Learn how to change stages here.
  • How can I access my workouts?

    Your program can be accessed in many different ways. It is advised to watch our foundational videos before you begin your workouts to get the most out of each movement within the EMbody program. You can choose to follow our prescriptive path days which contain our foundational videos, signature workouts, and core compression exercises daily to help keep you on track. If you prefer to access workouts of your choice, you can click on “Core” for Core Compression™ videos and also click on “Workouts” to choose your daily workouts. At Every Mother, we see the best results and outcomes from those who follow our daily prescriptive paths. See our step-by-step video here
  • How and when should I track my progress?

    Track your progress with our diastasis recti tracking tool. Simply enter your measurements on days when you are prompted within your guided path and you can begin to see what visible progress looks like after your second entry. Measurements are entered on Path days 1, 21, 42, 63, and 84. See our step-by-step video here
  • How can I change paths?

    We are constantly evolving and offering new and exciting workout paths for our members. We often feature challenges and curated content. To access these paths or resume a previous path select the Guided Paths tab and select the path. Watch the step-by-step video for how to change paths here
  • How do I know which program is right for me?

    We prompt you with a curated onboarding survey that will guide you quickly to the program that is best suited for your stage. See our step-by-step video for navigating the survey here.
  • How can I join and get started?

    Joining Every Mother is easy to get started. See our step-by-step video here  
  • Does Every Mother have an app?

    Yes! Apps are available in the App Store and Google Play. The app is free with your member subscription.
  • How do I know what workout to complete?

    For those that prefer a daily prescription of workouts, each program offers a Guided Path. Each day you will be presented with your Core Compressions workout sequence and a full body workout (rest days are also incorporated). If you prefer a less structured approach, you may self-select your workouts from the Core and Workouts libraries.
  • How long are the workouts?

    The full body workouts are designed to be efficient and effective and range from 10 minutes to under 30 minutes in length. We recommend performing 2-10 minutes per day of Core Compressions depending on instruction provided in your program.
  • I’m more than 6 weeks postpartum, but I followed the EMbody Prepare program and I do not have diastasis recti. Should I begin with EMbody Surpass or EMbody Reclaim?

    Congratulations! Good work avoiding DR during your pregnancy. At this early postpartum stage, we still recommend you follow EMbody Reclaim to safely rebuild core strength and function. Begin with EMbody Reclaim, and then move on to EMbody Surpass after you’ve completed the full 12-week EMbody Reclaim program.
  • I had a c-section. Will the program still work for me?

    YES! You may follow the program and resolve diastasis recti if you had a c-section. We also provide recommendations for c-section scar care.
  • I’m greater than 6 months postpartum. Which program should I follow?

    Anyone with diastasis recti should follow the EMbody Reclaim™ program. If you perform a self-check and find that you do not have diastasis recti, you should follow the EMbody Surpass™ program. Women in all stages of pregnancy should follow the EMbody Prepare™ program.
  • If I’m pregnant now and want to switch to EMbody Reclaim after birth, is that possible?

    YES! Life constantly changes for us all. If you find yourself in need of modifying your workouts because of a pregnancy, birth, or diastasis recti resolution you can simply change stages at any time. As an active member, you can switch between the EMbody stages at any time. Just click the Change Stage link at the upper right of the website or app. Learn how to change stages here
  • What type of equipment do I need for the workouts?

    Our full body workouts incorporate light weights (around 3 lbs); heavier weights (5-15 lbs depending on personal preference); a medium weight resistance band (approximately 10-15 lb); a towel and a stool. We also utilize yoga blocks and a large foam roller within some of our EMbody Yoga and EMbody Pilates workouts. Each workout is clearly marked with the equipment necessary. You may also substitute items found around the house (i.e. water bottles for weights or a bottom stair step for a stool).
  • What if I had my children years ago? Will the program still work for me?

    YES! It is never too late to resolve diastasis recti.

More questions

  • What is the best way to contact the Every Mother team with questions?

    Email is the most efficient way to reach our team. With general questions, you can email info@every-mother.com. Members can email members@every-mother.com. Our member Village is also a fantastic place to ask questions, receive support and guidance. If you are unable to send an email, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 201-305-9573
  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    You may make any subscription changes after logging in to the website and selecting “My Account” from the menu bar or for app purchases, through iTunes or Google Play Stores.
  • How do I join the member community?

    Once you have made a subscription purchase you will have immediate access to the Every Mother Village.
  • I purchased a quarterly subscription but I would like to switch to annual. May I do that?

    Sure! You may make all subscription changes after logging in to the website and selecting “My Account”. When you make your annual subscription purchase you will be credited for any time remaining on your quarterly subscription.
  • Where can I find information on the nutritional approach or diet you recommend?

    Our guide to EMbody Healthy Eating is on the Foundations page in the Reclaim and Surpass stages.
  • Do I only have access to the EMbody Reclaim program for 12 weeks?

    No. You will have unlimited access as long as your recurring subscription is active. You may switch between EMbody Programs (Reclaim, Surpass, Prepare) at any time.
  • Is it necessary to use a corset/splint to complete the program?

    No. The EMbody Reclaim program does not require a corset. However, in some instances it may speed recovery. Once you have joined our member community you may ask our current members about their favorite brands and you may also view recommendations from Every Mother on our EMpower page along with information on how to safely incorporate a corset into your routine.
  • Are the EMbody workouts safe for pelvic organ prolapse?

    Yes. Our workouts are carefully designed to avoid impact as we coach healthy alignment, breathing and coordination of the deep core muscles, including the pelvic floor. In fact, the exercises are therapeutic for the core and can actually improve many symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse. However, if you are under the care of a physician or physical therapist, please follow their individual guidance for you regarding exercise.
  • Can I do the EMbody Reclaim program if I have an umbilical hernia?

    Yes, our program is safe for umbilical hernia. Umbilical hernia and diastasis recti often occur together. As women resolve diastasis recti with our EMbody Reclaim stage, which not only closes the separation but also improves the quality and health of the connective tissue, many also experience a decrease in hernia symptoms. Keep in mind that a hernia is an actual tear in the tissue (whereas diastasis recti is an overstretching of the tissue). If the hernia is mild, you may find that resolving diastasis recti eliminates any overt symptoms of an umbilical hernia. However, if the hernia is severe you may be a candidate for surgical repair. In either case, the EMbody Reclaim stage is beneficial as it can help you avoid surgery entirely, or prepare for and recover from a hernia repair.
  • How soon can I start the EMbody Reclaim Program after birth?

    We recommend that you begin our foundational exercise (Core Compressions™) as soon as you feel comfortable after birth (both vaginal and c-section). If you feel any pain, discomfort or downward pressure you should stop immediately and try again at a later date. Wait to begin the full body workouts until you have been cleared by your medical professional.
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