Prepare for birth with a trimester-specific exercise regimen

Prepare for birth

Build strength and stamina safely with a trimester specific exercise regimen for as little as $9.95 a month.
Build strength and stamina safely for birth, for as little as $9.95/month.
Every Mother is the motherhood exercise program clinically proven to resolve diastasis recti by leading institutions such as Hospital for Special Surgery and Weill Cornell Medical.

The Every Mother Advantage

Every Mother’s clinically proven expertise in diastasis recti resolution informs the prenatal exercise regimen.
The core and pelvic floor strengthening results in many positive outcomes.

  • Reduce pregnancy discomforts such as urinary leaking and back pain.
  • Train your muscles to push effectively during labor.
  • Build stamina for birth.
  • Pave the way for a faster and easier postnatal recovery.
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One Subscription, Many Benefits

Choose a plan to sign up, download our app, and begin your personalized exercise plan. Every subscription includes:

Engaging programming:
Over 100+ full body workouts including strength, yoga, HIIT, core intensive, restorative, cardio strength, pilates.
Expert support and resources:
Easy access to in-house pelvic floor PTs and evidence-based education as you prepare for birth.
Express regimens:
10 to 20 minute exercise routines fit in busy lives.
Easy to use:
An app-based guided exercise program for anytime, anywhere workouts.

What they are saying

"I have used EM for all stages of my life as a mom - prenatal, postnatal, and now prenatal again. I have enjoyed the ease of the app, the convenience of being able to get my workout in at home, and the effectiveness of short, targeted workouts. I can't express how much I hope other women will realize they don't need to live with their problems pre-and post-pregnancy, and can resolve some of their issues through Every Mother."
Every Mother Member
"Good program. Seems well-researched and comprehensive. When you're awkward and big and your hips and abs are unstable, the Every Mother exercise program seems like a good fit and feels very safe."
Every Mother Member
"Wow, this app is wonderful. I developed pretty significant diastasis recti during my pregnancy and this app helped me begin to strengthen safety for labor. I am now in my 4th trimester and have loved having safe exercises that are helping me heal."
Every Mother Member
"I wish I had known about this program before I got pregnant the first time. It would have saved me a lot of pain! I want all my friends to have this support if they need it and recommend it whenever there’s an opportunity."
Every Mother Member
“Exercise during pregnancy can enhance an expectant mother's mental and physical well being. Leah's method safely addresses the postural changes and muscle imbalances of pregnancy while developing strong core muscles to facilitate a smooth delivery and recovery.”
Geeta Sharma, MD
Mount Sinai Hospital

How Every Mother works

Pick a payment plan and get started in three simple steps:


Tell us why you are here

Answer some simple questions to help us find the right plan for you.


Access your daily exercise prescription

Curated movement videos guide your daily therapeutic regimen.


Achieve measurable results

Get expert and peer support in our private community.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am currently pregnant and have diastasis recti from a previous pregnancy. Can I heal my diastasis recti with your prenatal program?

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Yes, the Core Compressions in our prenatal program will contribute to protecting and healing your abdominal wall. Depending on the severity of your separation, a full resolution of DR can be expected postpartum.

I am in my third trimester. Is it too late for me to start this program to prepare my pelvic floor for birth?

The third trimester is a great time to start preparing your core and pelvic floor for birth! Preparing your body now will also pave the way for an easier postpartum recovery.

I am in my third trimester and would like to join your program now. I also want to use the program for postpartum healing? Do I have to buy two memberships or can I access both programs with one membership?

Wonderful! Start now, and you can seamlessly transition from our prenatal program to our postnatal program after delivery. One membership provides access to all of our content, which we personalize to your current stage so you receive the most relevant instruction. We even have an Early Postpartum path that will gently rekindle your core and pelvic floor in the earliest days and weeks following birth.

I worry about exercising during pregnancy. Are your exercises safe for me?

Our prenatal exercise program is safe and endorsed by OBs and midwives. Our workouts follow the activity guidelines set forth by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) for exercise during pregnancy, and our exercises address the postural imbalances of pregnancy while helping you prepare for birth with strength and stamina. With our prenatal core and pelvic floor exercises, you can avoid common pregnancy discomforts, such as low back pain and urinary incontinence.

I have a prenatal condition (e.g. Sciatica pain, SI joint issue, incontinence*). Can your program help me?

In addition to helping you prepare for an easier birth and postpartum recovery, our exercises can help you feel better now by addressing common pregnancy discomforts, such as low back back pain, incontinence, sciatica and SI joint pain.

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