Sex During Pregnancy: Safe Positions and Tips

When it comes to sex and pregnancy, people seem to go mum. They love to discuss when to stop having sex during pregnancy, but they aren’t talking about how to have safe, phenomenal sex during pregnancy. And, for many women, myself included, sex during pregnancy isn’t merely “good enough,” pregnancy hormones can lead to peak sexual desire, pleasure, and satisfaction. This is particularly true during the second and third trimesters after the nausea, fatigue, and uncertainty of the first trimester have subsided. Arousal levels surge thanks to the increased blood flow, and many of the bodily changes pregnancy brings, such as more voluptuous breasts, can boost confidence in the bedroom. 

So, for the women out there looking to harness their pregnancy sex drive, here are 5 safe sex positions and tested tips to better enjoy sex during pregnancy with your partner.

The 5 Best (and safe) Pregnancy Sex Positions

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Inferior Vena Cava

When it comes to having safe, enjoyable sex while pregnant, I recommend choosing positions that minimize pressure on the belly. Up until 20 weeks, you can continue with sex as usual in your favorite positions as long as you’re comfortable. But after 20 weeks, it’s best to avoid lying flat so you don’t risk compressing the inferior vena cava (also known as the large vein that brings blood from the lower body to your heart) which can restrict circulation. This similarly can happen while sleeping, which is why doctors advise pregnant women to avoid sleeping on their backs. If this occurs during intercourse, prepare to feel dizzy almost immediately and quickly roll onto your side until the dizziness subsides. Note that this is a sign that your go-to positions are no longer working and that it’s time to introduce some of the moves below that maximize your pleasure while keeping you safe and comfortable.

  1.  Cowgirl: Essentially, the reverse of missionary style. You on top, riding your partner. This position gives you the most control over the depth of penetration and intensity of stimulation. You can face either way. Your partner may be lying in bed or seated upright in a sturdy chair. Play around with it! It’s also a bit of a workout.
  2. Edge of the bed: Recline on pillows at the edge of the bed, feet on the floor, or perched on the edge of the mattress. Your partner stands or bends over you.
  3. Spoon: Lie on your side, curled up with knees bent. Your partner lies facing your back and enters you from behind. Steamy and cuddly all at the same time!
  4. Froggy style: This is essentially doggy style, with you on all fours, but on the forearms instead of the hands. This avoids placing pressure on your wrists and allows you to rest more fully. You can even set a pillow under your belly for added support. If you are in your third trimester (and baby is low), try widening your stance. This will help with penetration.

Tips to Orgasm while Pregnant

To heighten pleasure for both you and your partner, I strongly suggest performing Core Compressions™ during intercourse. Think of this as a powerful Kegel that simultaneously lifts your belly up and in toward the spine as you lift and squeeze (remember, always exhale, with or without vocalization). The best way to experience intense, longer, and more frequent orgasms is to practice Core Compressions in your daily self-care routine. This will ensure your ability to access those hard-to-activate muscles during key moments throughout intercourse. Within a week or two of daily practice, you will find yourself subconsciously incorporating Core Compressions into all of your activities (sexual and otherwise). Not only will this deep core engagement enhance love-making, but it will also help protect your core muscles from straining due to improper exertion or gravity.

With the positions and tips above in your arsenal, you can enjoy phenomenal sex with your partner throughout your pregnancy. Remember, you are a goddess! Embrace your curves and own your sexiness. The more you can feel comfortable and sexy in your skin, the more you can get in touch with your own pleasure and power. Watch Sofia Jawed-Wessel’s TED TALK, “The Lies We Tell Pregnant Women” to learn more about prioritizing your sexual needs during pregnancy, and have fun with your heightened sex drive! Pregnancy is a wild ride – in every sense of the word. Enjoy it.

By Leah Keller, Founder of the EMbody Program. Learn more about Leah here.

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